Modell SET-206

  • Solid Stability for Confident Installations
  • Exceptional EMI/RFI Performance Prevents False Shutdown
  • NEMA-4/IP65 Certified for Use in Harsh Environments
  • Rugged Design Withstands High Shock/Vibration Applications
  • Versatile Package Design Provides JIT Delivery
  • User Accessible Zero and Span Adjustment
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The Model 206 industrial pressure transducer is one of the most rugged and reliable sensors available. These transducers prove to be superior to competitive brands and technologies in application field testing.

The capacitive design exhibits resistance to environmental effects such as shock, vibration, temperature and EMI/ RFI. The Model 206 also meets NEMA-4 and IP65 environmental protection ratings.

With a highly accurate stainless steel capacitive sensor design and custom ASIC based circuit, the Model 206 maintains a high level of performance and accommodates a variety of pressure fittings and electrical connector options.

Performance Data
Accuracy RSS
(at constant temperature)
±0.13% FS[1]
Non-Linearity, (BFSL)
25 psig range
±0.1% FS
±0.2% FS
Hysteresis0.08% FS
Non-Repeatability0.02% FS
Response Time5 milliseconds
Long Term Stability0.5% FS/1 YR
Thermal Effects
Compensated Range-20 to +80°C
Zero Shift0.9 %FS/50°C
Span Shift1.4 %FS/50°C
Physical Description
Pressure FittingsSee Spec Sheet
VentThrough cable or terminal
Electrical Connection2 ft. multiconductor cable
CaseStainless Steel
Zero/Span AdjustmentsTop External Access
Weight (approx.)6 oz
Environmental Data
Operating/Storage Temperature-40 to +85°C[4]
Temperature-40 to +85°C
Acceleration10g Maximum[5]
Shock200g Operating[6]
Vibration20g 50-2000 Hz[7]
Pressure MediaGases or liquids compatible with 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.[3]
Electrical Data (Voltage)
Excitation/Output12 to 28 VDC
Reverse Excitation Protected
Power Consumption<0.15 watts (approx. 5mA at 24VDC)
Output0.1 to 5.1 VDC[8][9]
Output Impedence100 ohms
Circuit3-Wire (Exc, Out, Com)
Electrical Data (Current)
Output4 to 20 mA[10][11]
External Load0 to 800 ohms
Min. Supply Voltage (VDC)9 +0.02 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
Max. Supply Voltage (VDC)30 + 0.004 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)

[1]RSS of Non-Linearity, Non-Repeatability and Hysteresis
[2]25 psig range accuracy is ±0.22% of Full Scale output
[3]Hydrogen not recommended for use with 17-4 PH stainless steel.
[4]The high temperature limit of the cable is 200°F (95°C)
[5]Shift in output reading <0.05 psi/g typical; pressure port axis only
[6]Mil-Std. 202, Method 213B, Cond. C
[7]Mil-Std. 202, Method 204, Cond. C
[8]Calibrated into a 50K ohm load, operable into a 5000 ohm load or greater
[9]Zero output factory set to w/in ±25mV. Span (FS) output factory set to w/in ±50mV.
[10]Calibrated at factory with a 24VDC loop supply voltage and 250ohm load.
[11]Zero output factory set to w/in ±0.08mA. Span (FS) output factory set to w/in ±0.16mA.

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Operating Instructions
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