Hochwertige Messtechnik und Beratung aus einer Hand

Modell ONS-S-LIA-M003220 €
zzgl. MwSt.

  • Smart-Sensor zur Messung der photosynthetisch aktiven Strahlung
  • Kabellänge 3 Meter
  • Einfacher Anschluss an HOBO®-Station-Logger
  • Automatische Übermittlung aller Sensorparameter an den Logger
dem Merkzettel hinzufügen

Technical Specifications
Measurement Range0 to 2500 µmol/m²/sec, wavelengths 400 to 700 nm
Accuracy±5 µmol/m²/sec or ±5%, whichever is greater in sunlight.
Additional temperature induced error ±0.75 µmol/m²/sec/°C from +25°C
Angular AccuracyCosine corrected 0 to 80 degrees from vertical
Azimuth Error <2% error at 45 degrees from vertical, 360 degree rotation
Resolution2.5 µmol/m²/sec
Drift<±2% per year
CalibrationFactory recalibration available
Operating Temperature Range-40° to +75°C
Bits per Sample10
Number of Data Channels1
Measurement Averaging OptionYes
Physical Specifications
Environmental RatingWeatherproof
HousingAnodized aluminum housing with acrylic diffuser and O-ring seal
Dimensions4.1 cm height x 3.2 cm diameter
Weight120 g
Cable Length Available3.0 m
Length of Smart Sensor Network Cable3.0 m

How to configure the HOBO U30 for use with smart sensors