Modell SET-204

  • 0.11% FS Accuracy
  • 0-5 VDC or 4-20mA Output
  • Fast Response, Less than 1 MS
  • Fast Warm-Up
  • Excellent Thermal Effects
  • Low Output Noise
  • Solid One-Piece Stainless Steel Sensor
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Setra’s Model 204 pressure transducers are intended for accurate pressure measurements of gas or liquid media compatible with 17-4 PH and 15-5 PH stainless steels. The high level output signal and excellent stability, combined with fast dynamic response, make this unit ideal for industrial, laboratory and aerospace applications.

The exceptional accuracy is achieved by combining Setra’s unique electronic circuitry with its field proven variable capacitance sensor. This unit is compensated for both zero and sensitivity shifts due to environmental temperature variations. The Model 204, with a high-level voltage output or current output, require no additional signal conditioning. The sensor features a one-piece 17-4 PH or 15-5 PH stainless steel pressure sensor and an insulated electrode, which form a variable capacitor. As the pressure increases, the capacitance decreases. This change in capacitance is detected and converted to a linear DC electric signal. On absolute pressure units, the reference side of the diaphragm is sealed by electron beam welding under high vacuum.

Performance Data
Accuracy RSS (at constant temperature)±0.11% FS
±0.14% for 10,000 PSIG
Non-Linearity (BFSL)±0.07% FS
Hysteresis0.08% FS
0.1% for 10,000 PSIG
Non-Repeatability0.02% FS
Thermal Effects[2]
Compensated Range-1 to +65°C
Zero Shift<±0.36 %FS/50°C[3]
Span Shift<±0.27 %FS/50°C
Static Acceleration Effect<0.05 PSI/G (Typ.)
(Pressure Port Axis)
Volume Increase Due to FS Pressure5 x 10-5 cu. in.
Warm-Up Shift±0.5% Total
(±0.1% Residual Shift after 5 Minutes)
Physical Description
Pressure Fitting1/4" - 18 NPT Internal
ElectricalConnection 2 ft. Multiconductor Cable
Weight10 Ounces
Environmental Data
Operating Temperature-18 to +80°C
Storage Temperature-55 to +120°C
Vibration2g from 5 Hz to 500 Hz
Acceleration10g Maximum
Electrical Data (Voltage Output)
Circuit4-Wire (+Exc, -Exc, +Out, -Out)
Excitation22 to 30 VDC, 24 VDC (Normal)
Reverse Excitation Protected
Output0 to 5 VDC STD,
see ordering information for more options
Power Consumption10 mA (0.25 Watts)
Output Impedance<10 Ohms
Output Noise<100 Microvolts RMS (0 Hz to 10 KHz)
Electrical Data (Current Output)
Output4 to 20 mA[6][7]
External Load0 to 1000 Ohms
Minimum Supply Voltage (VDC)17 + 0.02 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
Maximum Supply Voltage (VDC)42 + 0.004 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
Effect of Power Supply: Variations<0.003mA/Volt
Effect of Power Supply: Output Noise<10 Microamperes RMS (0 HZ to 10 KHz)

[1]RSS of Non-Linearity, Hysteresis and Non-Repeatability
[2]Units calibrated at nominal 70°F
[3]Approximately 50% higher for 0-14.7 psiv range
[4]Calibrated into 50K ohm load. Operable into 5000 ohms or greater.
[5]Zero output factory set to within ±10mV. Span (Full Span) output factory set to within ±10mV. Note: Both output leads are normally 1.6 VDC above the negative excitation lead at zero pressure. Either negative excitation or negative output should be connected to case (ground). But both leads cannot be connected to case (ground). Unit is calibrated at the factory with the negative excitation connected to case (ground.)
[6]Calibrated at factory with a 24 VDC loop supply voltage and a 250 ohm load.
[7]Zero output factory set within ±0.03mA. Span (Full Span) output factory set to within ±0.03mA.

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Operating Instructions
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